Transformers 2 vs Transformer 3. A deliberation on the merits of the two Transforming Robot Sequels

"Never leave Afghanistan, Sam"

Given the recent absence of actual PaperEpic based news, I have decided to fill some of these gaps with musings on our mutually favorite subject: Movies and Movie-making in general. This isn't so much a section in which we review films we've seen, but more an opportunity for us to muse on things that we think, or have discussed in the past. My personal opinion does not reflect that of the PaperEpic team, and any of my blogs may be met with a ruthless and articulate rebuttal from the other and vice versa.

The topic I have decided to muse on today, is the subject of the Transformers sequels, given the third films current release and inevitable success. So without further ado, here are my thoughts.

Transformers 2 is better than Transformers 3... Sorta.

Transformers was a well received for what it was, a balls-out popcorn action flick of the highest order, boasting some of the best special effects to date, and a surprisingly self-aware good humor to it. Its inevitable sequel Transformers 2 is considered one of cinema's most horrendous pieces of trash, and understandably so. Between the wholly inappropriate racist robots Skids and Mudflap, the awkwardly flat jokes, and some tonally obscure emotional beats, its completely reasonable to be upset. This is what I heard of the film, never actually getting around to watch it during its release, and attempting only once to watch it on DVD before giving up 20 minutes in. Its at times an incomprehensible assault on the senses, the plot is over complicated and the performances are largely bad, but all with good reason:

The writers strike, in which the WGA and the AMPTP battled for dominion over the galaxy or something, left many active film productions without writers. Tranny's 2 was one such production; A 200 million dollar film with an unfinished script and no hope of getting any writers to come in (and work some punch up) and less than 2 years to finish it in. Michael Bay had to knuckle down and do the job ahead of him. Admirable, and surely an extraordinary feat given what was stacked against him, and all things considered, he did finish the damn movie on time and it certainly had all the necessary visual flair expected of it.

Tranformers 3 had none of these set backs, but just as many problems.
Granted, I had a great time during Transmorphers 3, its utterly insane visually, the cheesy underscore of acoustic soft rock and locations with titles like 'Illegal Nuclear Power Plant- Middle East' gave me no end of pleasure. But with plenty of time and access to all the writers in the world, they crafted the first two acts in such a way that the exposition was fired at you at such a blistering pace, you had no hope of being able to hold on to the plot, or any of the characters role or reason for being anywhere at any point. It was a mess of incomprehensible exposition, weird characters behaving weirdly, and action sequences without any clear purpose or goal attempted to be achieved.

They're both terrible movies really. But you know what, Atleast I understood what the heck was going on in 2.

That said, Racist robots and the distinct lack of 'Fun' means Transformers 3 is better to watch.

All in all, it like deciding to eat Dog crap or Cat crap. They're both offensive to the senses, but should ultimately be considered equally unpleasant. Anyone who claims otherwise, or claims that either is better than the first must love either dog or cat crap.

But even MORE all in all, its fuckin' transformers. Who gives a shit about any of it?

Oliver Fenton.

Coming Soon from Ben Aston: Why Kate Bosworth is genuinely the most talented actress in the world...


PaperEpic's AV Broadcast Airs

Well Damn, That was cool. PaperEpic's first televised ad! After getting a phone call at 10am while in Bath for Easter, we handed in the finished product the following 10am in London. It was a mad dash with some of our favorite people to meet the BBC deadline, but damn if it wasn't fun. The ad itself is a remake of a wonderful online viral by Dan Snow and the good folks at Ballista Media. The coffee/pub allegory is fun and simple to understand (excluding the fact that most pubs do serve coffee). I think we were able to inject a little something into the cutaways that makes the whole thing little more fun than the original. Dan was fantastic to work with, a really solid chap. Scrolling through reactions out in the interwebs it seems people really loved the ad, some proclaiming it as the best of all the Yes and the No broadcasts. All we can say is, Go out and vote tomorrow!

PS. A special PaperEpic comment from Dan Snow


TUNE IN! PaperEpic's First Televised Commercial

Good news everyone! Tune in at the following times Tue 3rd to see PaperEpic Productions first televised gig! - the official Referendum Broadcast on behalf of the Yes Campaign.

17.55 - BBC 2
18.50 - ITV 1
18.55 - BBC 1
19.25 - Five
19.50 - Channel 4

Special love to Tom Ruddock, Harpall Kaura, Charlie Thompson, Stuart Thompson and George Gabriel for getting this thing off the ground. Keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot the one joke that officially makes it a PaperEpic joint!


New Stuff! YES Campaign release 'The Test'. Portfolio Update. Evil Weed.

Wow, lotta new stuff going on all at once! the YES to fairer votes Campaign just launched the first of two ads we did with them, 'The Test' (which they have re-named 'Fail') was a lot of fun to make and a breeze to cut. The one quirk was a late request to change the wording of an end title, which meant replacing the practical pan across a real whiteboard with an after effects animation, incorporating the original assets and one just shot on an iphone in the YES! offices. Overall the effect is actually a little smoother and easier on the eye, more so given that it was all done on the train home for Easter

Even cooler is our new Portfolio, which updates the last one with the last 6 months worth of cool junk, making this a kind of 'greatest hits' for our first year in existence. The music is 'Outlands' by Daft Punk, from the Tr2n soundtrack.

And finally, even cooler than ALL of that is Nick's awesome new 60sec short 'Evil Weed'. I really don't want to ruin anything for you, but its probably the most simple/evil thing he's ever made. God I hate that weed, that little scallywag's a liability!


Production Wraps on Ad #2 - 'The Test'

After the extremely successful two-day shoot for Ad #1, the single day production for 'The Test' was a breeze. It was an absolute pleasure to work with the young Oliver Thompson again, as well as the brilliant Andrew Macbean. Special thanks have to go out to the incredible Lizzie Jay on her role as the Teacher, as well as Charlie Thompson as official badass-in-chief. Final thanks have to go to our nifty new Glidecam SD, which, as a result, means pretty much every single shot is a Michael Bay-esque dolly.